Saturday, August 7, 2010

...The Story So Far

Okay, so blogging... I've never done it before. I've never kept a journal, diary or yellow pad that has doodles and stuff on it. We're venturing into unknown territory here is all I'm really saying. There does seem to be a need for this type of thing nowadays though. Especially for us artist types. People want to know what you've been up to and this seems the best and most logical solution in this case. So, here we are and you don't know anything about me, so I should enlighten.

The full name is Joseph Johan Kurtz although I'm going by Joe Kurtz to pretty much everybody. I was born in Ohio, moved to Indiana and am now living in New York City (big shocker there for an actor). While I was in Indiana, I took the time to venture to Chicago and complete the year-long improv training at iO (formerly Improv Olympic). Now I'm in New York. I came here for school (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts) in 2004 and graduated. Since then I've done lots of Indy theatre (theater-I feel like I run the risk of sounding pompous either way), short films, and background work (yay unions!). I am also a founding board member of Mind the Art Entertainment and the head of their Acting Division.

In the recent past, Mind the Art produced my first play, Die, in the spring at the La Mama E.T.C. as part of a three-show Anthology we had worked out with them. I thought it went swimmingly and there's a review out there somewhere (like here). Who knows what's to come of it. Hopefully something grand and awesome, but we shall see. I'd settle for small and awesome. After that I worked on a couple of short film projects. In one I was an insomniac, the other I was obsessed with merkins (please, if you don't know what that is, look it up). Haven't gotten the footage from either of these yet, but I assume it's to come soon. I'll let you know THROUGH BLOG! I am now in rehearsal for the first musical I've done since high school called Spellbound. It was written by Christian DeGre, a friend of mine who just so happens to be the president of Mind the Art. He's been writing it for the past seven years or so, and I'm pretty sure it's almost killed him three times. Anyhoo, it's finally going up as part of the NYC Fringe Festival, and yours truly is in it. With a solo and everything!

I think that pretty much brings you up to speed on me. Presumably I'll be continuing to write this thing for a while, so I'll keep you updated on stuff that's happening. Til then, you know, have fun and stuff.