Thursday, March 8, 2012

Die: Roll to Proceed

Hello, dear reader. So, I wrote this play

It was called Die. It's a "roll your own adventure" story where, at certain times during the play, an audience member comes onstage and decides which direction the play is going to take by rolling a six-sided die. We put it up two years ago at the La Mama ETC for two performances. Everybody really liked it and we were all a little disappointed that it ended so quickly.

Fast forward to now. I revised and expanded the script, changed the name to Die: Roll to Proceed and also wrote a novel version of the thing.

We're going to be performing the show every Friday night from April 6th-October 19th at The Red Room and then moving it back to the La Mama for 2 weeks after that. The show can be seen 72 different ways, so feel free to try to see them all!

Wanna see it?
Wanna get the book?