Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My new website and other things

So, I created a website for fun, but also to work on both my writing and improv skills. It's called 

and anybody can submit a picture of a headline, webpage, picture, whatever that they think would be a band name for the ages. I then write a brief bio of said band and try to make it witty and amusing. Should be fun!

In other news, just finished the second run of "Story Time with Mr. Buttermen" with Mind the Art Entertainment

We did this run at Center Stage in Chelsea. It went great!! Also, we have a book with all the stories in it, including mine "The Emperor's New...Weapon of Mass Destruction". I suppose that means I'm a published playwright...?

I just did some ADR for "What Happened to Peter"

and what I've seen looks pretty good. Will put the film up when I have it.

I also just finished filming a short called "Eden" where I play a painter. I actually got to paint a little bit during the project and found it pretty exhilarating. I haven't painted since god knows when, and it was really fun. Once again, will post the film when I have it.

I believe that's it for the moment dear reader. So, please submit things to and send good thoughts my way. I shall certainly do the same for you.

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